Emma Obanye's How to attract and keep your customers (group 2)

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To learn how to attract and retain your startup's first few customers

Over 7 weeks we'll work together to get your startups first few customers.

I'm Emma, I'm the founder of Mindful Team and The Retrospective Game. I co-founded and sold award winning startup BuddyBounce and work as an EIR at OneTech. I will help you over the next few weeks to attract and keep users.

Week 1: Getting to know you

I will use this first call to get to know you and your startup. Introduce you to the Mastermind format. How it works, rules and set the tone for the rest of the weeks.

Week 2: Your Audience

Who are the different users you're hoping to attract to your product? What are their tastes? Where do they call home? How do you reach them? 

Week 3: Creating A Sales Letter

Writing a sales letter is one of the most important steps to attracting users. Here I'll take you through the process of creating a winning sales letter and 

Week 4: Building A winning Landing Page to attract your audience

Convert your sales letter into a landing page that works. This week I'll introduce you to landing pages. 

Week 5: Organic Aquisition Experiments

In this session I'll work with you on some organic acquisition experiments to attract your first users for FREE. These experiments will be vital when it comes to do paid ads.

Week 6: Paid Acquisition Experiments.

In this session I will work with you on some paid aquisition experiments to attract your first users. 

Week 7: Review and next steps.

In our last session we'll go through where you all are, the next steps to explore including additional resources and other mastermind groups and workshops.




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