We’re Emma and Irene and we created mindful.team to help teams like yours find inner peace through better retrospectives and the introduction of company health checks.

We witnessed first hand the heartache and frustration of a poor company culture and the challenges of scaling whilst working for Crowdmix, the infamous London tech startup that, despite 15 million pounds of investors’ money, went into administration having never launched a product.

In the aftermath we took time to reflect personally on the failure whilst exploring farflung, new parts of the globe like Bangkok, Tokyo and Chiang Mai. Here we experienced personal growth through meditation, reflection, yoga and exercise.

In those moments we realised that our unique experience could help others avoid the mistakes we’d witnessed and maybe even make the world of work a nicer place… for everyone.

The first prototype of mindful.team was created on a stuffy, 8-hour flight between Japan and Thailand. The next 3 months were spent refining that idea. Six weeks later in January 2017 we returned to London and got to work.

The mindful.team platform allows you to automate retrospectives and health checks to help teams like yours reflect on their goals and take action to improve.

Today, over 150 companies are more mindful with us.

But that’s just the beginning.

We’re on a mission to make the world of work a happier and more reflective place… full of Mindful Teams.

Please join us.


Emma & Irene