Building a resilient mindset (group 1)

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This group will help founders to increase their awareness of how to build resilience and how to use their mindset and feelings to their advantage

Resilience is our ability to bounce back in times of adversity but what are we bouncing back to? The purpose of this Mastermind is to help you uncover where you would like to get to and to support you with developing the mindset and behaviours needed to get there.

We will work together for 4 weekly sessions and then decide as a group how to continue, if we want to turn it into an accountability group or something else. The first session will set the tone for the journey and we will there decide on topics to learn as a group, examples of what thay could look like can be found here:

Week 1: Getting to know you

To set the scene for our journey we will design how we want to be together in the group and what we hope to get out of the journey. What is resilience for you and what do you want to "bounce back to"?

Building resilience

In this session, we will look at what builds our resilience and the things we can do to get us in touch with our sense of aliveness. You will gain insights into the areas research has shown are behind building resilience and the actions you can implement today.

Blockers and Saboteurs 

What are the hurdles blocking me and how can I try to navigate them? This session will increase your awareness of how our minds work and how to build your mindset. We will look at your blockers, learn when they appear, and explore methods to navigate them. You will get to experiment with getting out of your own way.

Building my Inner Team to get focus

How do I build myself up? By looking at our inner team we will identify the strengths and resources you can tap into when things are not going your way, need a push, or just feel a bit dull! You will get a few new tricks to help build your inner resources

Resilience, and purpose

In this session, we will explore what truly matters to you and how to use that as your driving force. What makes you feel fulfilled? What is it you are working towards and living to honour?

Balancing your mindset

Now that we have an idea of where you want to go and insight into some of the hurdles in the way, we will look to the habits you want to put in place to build your resilience and sense of purpose?


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